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Cover the Earth (2009)

by The Meatmen

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To say that the Meatmen reunited after 12 years to make Cover the Earth is only to say that singer Tesco Vee put together a new backing band to perform under the group name. Recording a covers album is a way for him to pay tribute to his musical mentors, many of whom were to be expected. G.G. Allin ("Highest Power"), Roky Erickson ("Don't Shake me Lucifer"), and the Fugs ("Slum Goddess") are all Vee's spiritual brothers, and he performs their songs with affectionate accuracy. Among the many punk and metal selections are a few outliers, notably Jimmy Dean's "Big Bad John," the Temptations' "Psychedelic Shack," and ABBA's "So Long." But they only serve to broaden the humor of the set. Vee's pseudonymous colleagues on guitar, bass, and drums are surprisingly competent, and the frontman himself is assured. He may not be a great singer, but for the most part he is re-creating the work of other marginal vocalists here, so that knowing the words, keeping on the beat, and singing with conviction get him over his technical limitations, making this an enjoyable romp, at least for those who don't demand that their humor be entirely tasteful. - iTunes review (2009)

Tesco Vee, Dave "Big Dick Fontaine" Malosh, Ian "The Pit Viper" Sugierski, Andy "Lord Vapid" Lucas