The Meatmen

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Savage Sagas

by The Meatmen

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Savage Sagas is The Meatmen’s first album of new material in 19 years. Originally known for their tasteless, demented humor and evolution from a hardcore punk group into a mock arena-metal band, The Meatmen—Tesco Vee and a lineup that once included members of Minor Threat, Negative Approach, and The Necros—can count Deborah Harry and bestselling author Stephen King among their fans. Savage Sagas picks up as if no time had elapsed, with Vee leading another crew through the paces. With songs like “I’m Gonna F**k You Up,” “The Ballad of Stinky Penis,” “The Dwarves Are the 2nd Greatest Band in the World,” “It’s Amateur Night at Uncle Bux Bikini Club," and “Big Bloody Booger on the Bathroom Wall,” it’s clear that Vee hasn’t grown up a bit. The music includes arena metal, hardcore punk, spaghetti western touches, lightning-quick standup comedy (“Shecky Presents…,” “‘The Guy’”) and a pop-punk sound (“They Just Don’t Make ‘Em Anymore”) that keeps its rough edges and pays tribute to the classic bands of yore. The Meatmen are one band that earn their "Parental Advisory" sticker.